Sawera Foundation Invitation 17th Anniversary
The Rehabilitation Programme at SAWERA FOUNDATION is based on the Therapeutic Community Plan and 12 step recovery programme.Essentially, the Programme aims at instilling back into the addict/alcoholic his/her self-image and his/her self-respect that s/he had lost during the period s/he was an addict.

In a very real sense, we help the addict grow-up. We help him see himself better and realize that finally, success in life is dependent upon the responsibility towards oneself and others.

The Therapeutic Community functions as a highly structured nurturing environment which encourages the recovering addict/alcoholic to develop through positive peer pressure, healthy relationships, sound values and a productive life-style, all in an absolutely drug-free atmosphere.
These objectives are achieved through a combination of individual, group and family therapy, sessions, Narcotics Anonymous/Alcoholics Anonymous groups, educational programmes, prayer and meditation, work and games as well as a variety of other support services.

To insure the successful implementation of the programme, SAWERA FOUNDATION uses a judicious mix of professional (psychotherapists, social workers etc.) and Para-professionals (recovering addicts). Since the Therapeutic Community Programme is essentially one of self-help, the teachers are both the staff as well the residents themselves.

Through a ‘Therapeutic Community’, changes are brought about in the attitudes and ideologies of the patient. They are taught the art of identifying and handling their feelings, it is very important to handle feelings of rage, anger, disappointment or gaiety. Honesty, open mindedness and willingness are inculcated in the treatment. Honesty with oneself, open mindedness toward new concepts and willingness to lead a holistic life.

(1) Physical health, (2) Mental peace and (3) Spiritual Awakening are the vertices within which this program's results can be felt. Through daily activities, these 3 areas are developed as follows:


(1) PHYSICAL ASPECT: - Patients are encouraged to learn self care. They are shown the importance of maintaining their physical health. They are taught to love themselves and repair the damages caused by using.

Daily, Compulsory Yoga classes are organized to keep the body fit and disease-free. Regular practice of ‘Asanas’, Pranayams and other Yoga techniques make patients feel self-confident and better about themselves. By participating in outdoor games, patients learn sportsman spirit and physical strength. Special attention is paid towards cleanliness and grooming.

Patients are trained to handle feelings of frustration, guilt, inferiority, fear and anger. During active addiction, these feelings took over. Patients are taught how to best express these feelings at the appropriate time, with humility.

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