Sawera Foundation Invitation 17th Anniversary

-MEDITATION: - Through meditation, the restless mind is tranquilized. The
mind is pacified to minimize the wandering. Faith in a Higher power (GOD) brings about Spiritual Awakening in the patient.

-INPUT: - On the basis of published literature patients are informed about the
various parts of the disease. In this session, counselors share personal experiences on how they faced social, psychological, monetary and family related problems. The sharing inspire patients and give them hope and mental strength.

-SEMINAR: - In this session, the patient loses his hesitation and brings out his
hidden talent. Every Saturday, a dance session is organized to develop interest, activeness and a sense of brotherhood. To attain a ‘homely’ environment and generate belongingness amongst the inmates, other recreational sessions are also held. Mood making and entertainment sessions involve singing, mono acting, story-telling or even stand up comedy.


  Reflection: - Ideology and thinking patterns are the basis of treatment at the center. In the reflection session, patient share their thoughts with one-another or simply write about them. Daily reflection help in identifying, expressing and analyzing the patient’s thought, feelings and character defects. Once they are identified, it is much easier to change / work on them. This was impossible during active addiction

  Guilt: - Patients share deep-buried secret which earlier made them feel ashamed or embarrassed. Sharing helps them get over the discomfort and get a load off their shoulders.

  Confrontation: - Therapeutic community revolves around the concept of confrontation. Certain attitude defects (like Justification, Reaction or manipulation) cannot be identified by the patient, show one–another these attitude defects. Patients learn how to accept wherever they are wrong. They try not to repeat the same mistakes. This is an integral part of recovery.

  Responsibilities: - Being adversely affected by their addiction, patients often shy away from their responsibilities. At the center, patients are enabled to take their own responsibilities towards themselves and others. This empowers them to later on take up responsibilities for themselves, their families and the society.

  Learning Experience: - Patients are given some time to realize their mistakes. This allows them to accept where they were wrong and think about how to rid themselves of those defects. This is a highly effective technique.

  Prayer: - God gives patients the through ability to abstain from using. Every morning, there is a one hour prayer session. Apart from that, prayers are said 16 more times throughout the day.


Serenity Prayer

God, grant us the serenity to
accept the things we cannot change,
courage to change the things we can
and wisdom to know the difference.

• Family Meeting: - This treatment is incomplete without the cooperation of the family. The center organizes family meeting on every second and last Saturday of the month. The patient family can gain strength by hearing other families share their experience. In these meetings families are informed about the disease, the treatment and behavior toward the patient.

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