Sawera Foundation Invitation 17th Anniversary
Conducting of seminars in schools, colleges and other institutions, on the harmful effects of Drug abuse; the programmes are primarily targeted towards the young people and school going children to publicize the dangers of drugs and to prevent people from taking them by showing alternative healthy values. We help arousing self-awareness, disclosures and courses on AIDS (HIV) and other illnesses and ailments arising out of prolonged drugs and alcohol abuse.

Performing street plays all over India, spreading information about disease of addiction.


This offers the patient an opportunity to reflect upon his real life situation and identify the crises as a result of his drug abuse and helps to motivate him to join the Rehabilitation programme.


Chemical dependency (drugs/alcohol related) affects not only the addict/alcoholic but the entire family in day-to-day life. We, therefore, request the urgent need for the family’s support and co-operation.


(a)   We organize Family sessions on a weekly basis. Professional Counseling by dedicated and qualified counselors and staff providing individual case-study as required for the all-round development of the chemically dependent.

(b)   Family, group therapy and 1-to-1 sessions and get-togethers on a weekly basis or as and when required.

(c)   Visiting the patients’ home by our team of trained counselors and voluntary staff.

(d)   Our committee of staff and trusties & members, all having real life experiences in the field of addiction, discuss problems, crises, pain and frustrations and their solutions with recovering addicts/ alcoholics. They share their love, care and concern to give hope and strength to the family members, not go give up but keep trying. They also try to make the families realize the importance of tough love.


Based on a follow-up support system, this offers the chemically dependent person, having completed the programme, to lead a drug & alcohol-free life-style after his discharge from the Rehabilitation Centre. The purpose being to support them in their new life and help prevent relapse.


•   Advising the patients to remain connected by routine visits to the center and by telephone incase of not being able to meet personally to their     counselors when encountering problems in daily life.

•   Visits by counselors to the homes of ex-residents.

•   Regular get-togethers for expression and sharing of their positive and negative experiences and feelings in their outside life and learning from     them. It includes sharing their reservations and fears honestly with their counselors for feedback.

Training and Research at Sawera Foundation

Since 2001 we have been working with the problem of drug addiction. This has helped us accumulate a wealth of experience in handling drug addicts, dealing with their problems, helping them get back to living, and making sure they remain drug-free even after they cease to be residents of the center. And we are more than willing to share this experience of ours with anybody desiring to gain it.

We have students from other Institutes of Social Science coming over regularly to Sawera Foundation for field work and block placements. We are also willing to offer short-term in-house workshops which can provide training to social workers and others interested in working with addicts/alcoholics.

Our Research Department analyses data of records of patients to keep abreast of our growth and gives feedback. Our recovery rate has been calculated to be 74.74 %.

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